Aiming for the Stars and Beyond

''An outstanding service over the years, very professional and highly skilled staff team''

''My daughter enjoys coming to nursery, she has developed some strong friendships and bonds with children and staff''

''My son is always coming home and doing different things that he has learnt at nursery. Its amazing how much they learn''

''Thank you very much for your support, patience and understanding in caring for our daughter. We are very proud of the lovely little girl that she has become and acknowledge the important role that you have played in helping her learn 

and grow.

What our families say

Rising Stars Room


Rising Stars is for the 'developing child'.  It caters for children from 2 to 3 years.  It allows our youngest children to develop and grow at their own pace. 

The area has equipment to support children's inquisitive minds where they can discover the world around them. 

The room enables children to experience a wide variety of activities including: sensory experiences, messy activities, imaginative play, construction equipment and so much more.