Aiming for the Stars and Beyond

What our families say

Shining Stars Room

Shining Stars is a place where children can develop independence, whilst preparing for their journey into school.  Our 3 to 5 year olds experience a wide range of learning opportunities to support their growing minds. 

It is here our little learners begin to explore their own interests and direct their learning, whilst building essential skills, that will support them throughout their school life.  There are also options for wraparound care with Ferndale Primary School.

"The nursery staff put their whole heart and soul into their work by giving 100% love, care and individual attention to every child. The nursery is managed professionally and I always feel relaxed when my daughter is in their care''

''It is a very culturally diverse nursery with close links to Ferndale Primary School.  Staff are very friendly, approachable and loving towards my daughter''

''The service is wonderful and a great environment to help my daughters learning and development''