Aiming for the Stars and Beyond

Little Stars Day Nursery opened in 2008 and has 2 dedicated play rooms, Rising Stars 2 - 3 years old's and Shining Stars 3 -5 year old's.

We positively encourage involvement of parents/carers so that we can work in partnership.

To allow the children to reach their maximum potential we provide a balance of activities and experiences appropriate to the age and stage of development for all the children that attend.

We welcome each child and adult, regardless of their background into an environment that values, respects and can offer support.

Our Aims

About us


At Little Stars Day Nursery we aim to Provide good quality stimulating, caring and nurturing environment which meets each child’s individual needs, their families and the local community.


  • Little Stars Day Nursery has 2 dedicated play rooms, Rising Stars 2 - 3 years old's and Shining Stars 3 -5 year old's.

  • The nursery works to the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ (EYFS), the government framework for children in the Early Years Sector. The fantastic resources, well balanced routines and inspirational planned play opportunities provide the children with an endless variety of opportunities to develop new skills. Equipment, routines and planned experiences support children's learning across all seven EYFS learning areas.

    The features and resources in each room have been carefully tailored to meet the development needs of the children as they grow.

    We also have an indoor/ outdoor covered play area. This allows the children at Little Stars Day Nursery all the benefits of fresh air and exercise during every single play session they attend, regardless of what the weather brings that day.

    The nursery also takes children aged 2-5 years who are accessing their funded hours and sessions.

  • Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.